WTF is this shite

I seriously dont know why anyone would try to record stats like this unless you can assure that they are not faked. I can easily imagine that someone types in Chat:" Hey guys, lets kill the record for most kills ingame. Give me every kill" and he will eventually find 9 idiots to join him.

Further: The damage numbers are just useless because riot still has a lot of spaghetti code. An example: As some of you might remember, old yorick could revive someone for ~15 seconds after they died. When they died again for the second time after the 15 seconds, they would receive 100k true damage, that would add to yoricks damage dealt. There are plenty of post-game Lobby screenshot where yorick has done 400k true damage or something. I'd guess there are similar bugs to crit's that would explain a 246.183 crit by a yasuo that is #1 right now.

Mute Åll

Where's the Max Emote Spam in ranked game record? I cant find it :3
I got 205 kills

I got 205 kills one time on ziggs

@The Mathematician Adjust the option in the top-right to Global, rather than Gold, and it becomes even more absurd--another Yasuo player supposedly dealt 32,059 damage in one critical strike.
You can check out the details of the game by clicking on the date to the right of his summoner name. Not only do none of his allies offer him any sort of buffs, he builds multiple bruiser items! If you look at the chart they give, over half of the damage he deals over the course of the entire game is supposedly dealt by that one strike.
Considering that the top several slots under this record are all held by Yasuo players, and the sheer absurdity of a strike that powerful, I suspect there's some sort of bug with the way LeagueOfGraphs calculates Yasuo's crit damage.
The Mathematician

Referring to the (current) highest crit, I am confused. I have crunched some numbers and even given ridiculous circumstances (theoretical 2,000 AP Janna shield AD buff, 3 infernal drakes + elder and baron ect...), I could only come up with an ~3,881 raw dmg crit (on Yasuo). With that being said, the target would have to have ~-567 armor to achieve the 7,185 crit they recorded. Any thoughts on how to increase my theoretical dmg or questions on how i came to my results, feel free to reply and i will get back to you ASAP. I love discussing numbers, esp in video game formulas. :)
sode nos hrayuki

well big part...
sode nos hrayuki

well part of this record are bug....

Dat 4 Pentakill in 1 game Thresh :D

Cause Yorick a few weeks back was absolute trash and just a punching bag that would die, respawn and die again.

So uh, whos gonna tell riot that yorick is the tankiest champ in the game. How do 5 yoricks end up holdin the record for most dmg taken

is their any chance you can record cs/min i just managed 16. would like to know if their are any other records close to that.

That sssssssss's game , 5:43h, wtf

sssssssss's link also has most damage dealt in ranked game: look at nasus' damage dealt

Why do you think they wrote "(Gold+)" in title? You're silver...
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