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A new feature has been added to the champions page:
Kills + Assist per minut

Using this functionnality, you'll be able to know if your champion is better during the beginning of the game (comparing it to all champions), or during the end of the game

New improvements

Posted on 14 Sep 2014 by Trebonius
Hi guys

I've just published a new set of improvements to the website.

The Items page has been totally reworked:
Instead of seeing a list of "most used items", you now can see what items do the champs buy first, then what are the core items (the first 3 top-level items bought, and the buy order), an the end items.
I think this way is far more useful for the player to be able to know what item to buy first.

Then, I also added a new data on the summoner page: afk count !
Now, if you AFK in a RANKED game, your afk counter will be increased, and everyone will be able to see that.
The aggregation of data started only a few days ago, so the afk you did before a few days ago will not be taken into account.

More to come soon

Enjoy :)

New update: champion roles

Posted on 03 Jul 2014 by Trebonius
Hi guys

I've just published an update which has improved the champions page:
You can now see, on each champion page the role they have during the games.

Enjoy !

New update wave

Posted on 15 Jun 2014 by Trebonius
Hi guys

I just published a new wave of updates :)
Here is the changelog
- Portuguese has now been translated
- Team profiles: When clicking on a team (or on the summoner league, from the summoner page), you'll see this team profile, its roster and its match history
- Masteries: finally, masteries have been added
- Some minor bug fixes on some specific browsers!

Any new feature you would like to be added ?

Improved summoner profiles

Posted on 10 Jun 2014 by Trebonius
Hi guys

The summoner profiles have been improved recently.
Here is the changelist:
- Favorite champions: your 10 fav champions are now displayed. The count is relative to your usage of each of them during the current Season (and not anymore during the past 7 days)
- A bug has been identified which prevented ranking data to be updated live. It has been fixed now.
- Player Stats: you can now find some stats regarding how well the summoner behaves in ranked games, for instance what his avg kda is, how many pentakills did he do, what is his maximum number of kills during a ranked game ... If you have any idea of stat to add, just send me an email :) (
- "Often plays with": on this section (bottom right of the page), you can find a list of players with whom this summoner has often played during this season. The list will be more and more accurate in a few days, since it's still aggregating more data.

That's it. There will be a new bunch of features released this week (masteries !!!!!).

So guys, what do you think ?