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Warding stats

Posted on 07 Jan 2015 by Trebonius

A new kind of stats has been added: warding stats.
If you ever wanted to know where to ward, and how warding influences the games, have a look :)

New mobile design

Posted on 01 Jan 2015 by Trebonius
Hey guys

I updated the website a few days ago with a new design for mobile phones. Hope you enjoy it !

Thanks for your support and happy new year :)

New improvements

Posted on 14 Sep 2014 by Trebonius
Hi guys

I've just published a new set of improvements to the website.

The Items page has been totally reworked:
Instead of seeing a list of "most used items", you now can see what items do the champs buy first, then what are the core items (the first 3 top-level items bought, and the buy order), an the end items.
I think this way is far more useful for the player to be able to know what item to buy first.

Then, I also added a new data on the summoner page: afk count !
Now, if you AFK in a RANKED game, your afk counter will be increased, and everyone will be able to see that.
The aggregation of data started only a few days ago, so the afk you did before a few days ago will not be taken into account.

More to come soon

Enjoy :)

New update: champion roles

Posted on 03 Jul 2014 by Trebonius
Hi guys

I've just published an update which has improved the champions page:
You can now see, on each champion page the role they have during the games.

Enjoy !

New update wave

Posted on 15 Jun 2014 by Trebonius
Hi guys

I just published a new wave of updates :)
Here is the changelog
- Portuguese has now been translated
- Team profiles: When clicking on a team (or on the summoner league, from the summoner page), you'll see this team profile, its roster and its match history
- Masteries: finally, masteries have been added
- Some minor bug fixes on some specific browsers!

Any new feature you would like to be added ?