SGD Artemis

SGD Artemis (VN)

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  • S8 total
  • Ranked Solo/Duo
  • Ranked Flex
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Favorite Roles (Ranked)

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Often Plays With ...

FFQ K18nineSS FFQ K18nineSS GrandMaster GrandMaster
midman midman Challenger Challenger
Chân Gà Hồ Xăm Chân Gà Hồ Xăm GrandMaster GrandMaster
SBTC Nova 2019 SBTC Nova 2019 GrandMaster GrandMaster
SSS Đức Evelynn SSS Đức Evelynn Challenger Challenger
Jun Purple Jun Purple GrandMaster GrandMaster
ˆ10 09 2004ˆ ˆ10 09 2004ˆ GrandMaster GrandMaster
Hùng Ghệ Chang Hùng Ghệ Chang GrandMaster GrandMaster
SGD Hai SGD Hai Challenger Challenger
ADN EasyLove ADN EasyLove Challenger Challenger