Shiina Kagari

Shiina Kagari (BR)

Personal Ratings
Platinum I
Platinum I
Draft Ranked Flex
Rank: 172,619 (BR: 18,647)
Top 1.6%

LP: 0
Wins: 135 - Losses: 120
LP: 63
Wins: 114
Losses: 122
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  • S8 total
  • Ranked Solo/Duo
  • Ranked Flex
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Name Played Winrate
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Favorite Roles (Ranked)

Role Played Winrate
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Often Plays With ...

KomaedaSenpaiii KomaedaSenpaiii Platinum I Platinum I
Deprimida Deprimida Diamond IV Diamond IV
Gabriel do corsa Gabriel do corsa Platinum III Platinum III
Give Zed Head Give Zed Head Diamond IV Diamond IV
Shade of Death Shade of Death Diamond IV Diamond IV
Miraizu Miraizu Platinum IV Platinum IV
Little Lone Wolf Little Lone Wolf Platinum II Platinum II
Creptos Creptos Platinum IV Platinum IV
Mizuru Mizuru Diamond IV Diamond IV
Nao tenho bolha Nao tenho bolha Gold III Gold III